Saturday & Sunday, April 18–19

The gate between our space and the rest of the house is open, not closed. I was able to leave the house today to get coffee and prescriptions. It’s a lovely day. I honestly expected some feelings of euphoria to accompany my newly returned freedom, and a rush to take full advantage.

But no. Don’t get me wrong. I’m really happy to be at this point. But Lisa had another rough night of sleep. I’m feeling better than I have in several days, but still dragging. I’d love to be out taking a long walk but don’t feel well enough to do so. So — go figure — it’s STILL one day at a time. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

Plus, as confusing as everything we’ve faced so far has been, we are now entering the phase everyone understands the least about. The one common theme is this: “We simply don’t know enough yet about how this virus works.” For this reason, victory dances over flattening the curve and calls to reopen the economy are premature if not downright irresponsible.

Why do I say this? Below is just a sampling of articles that have come along in the past several days.

South Korea’s New Coronavirus Twist: Recovered Patients Test Positive Again WSJ/Apple News paywall

Doctors believe that the disease may have gone dormant and then come back, posing more challenges for testing

“SEOUL — More than 160 South Koreans have tested positive a second time for the coronavirus, a development that suggests the disease may have a longer shelf life than expected.”

Epidemiologist Delivers Blunt Reality Check on Current Phase Of Coronavirus Pandemic Huffington Post

“The coronavirus pandemic is not even close to being over, an associate professor of epidemiology and infectious diseases at Harvard cautioned in a new editorial published by The Guardian this week.

“In fact, it is “quite the reverse,” wrote William Hanage.”

Large-scale Santa Clara antibody test suggests COVID-19 cases are underreported by factor of 50–85 San Francisco Chronicle

“It has long been assumed by medical experts that the United States is drastically underreporting the actual number of COVID-19 infections across the country due to limited testing and a high number of asymptomatic cases.

“Large-scale antibody tests are expected to give researchers an idea of just how widespread the outbreak is, and preliminary results from the first such test in Santa Clara County suggest we are underreporting cases by at least a factor of 50.”

In Coronavirus Pandemic’s Limbo, the Only Thing Certain is More Uncertainty San Francisco Chronicle

“And as we have had to learn over the past weeks, such questions are not always matched with simple answers. Indeed, the biggest question we face may be this: Is a lack of knowledge all that we’ll really know for a very long time?

The answer: probably.”

The truth is, any public official — let alone “bar stool expert” — who claims to understand the lifecycle of this virus and is ready to contradict the advice of public health officials and other experts, is dangerously deluding themselves, their families and their constituents.

Likewise, anyone who thinks they can predict at this point how society will change as a result of this pandemic is dreaming. I too engage in such thought experiments. But that’s based on where we are today. If things don’t really reopen until late fall or early 2021 — who knows?

So that’s where we leave things. We’re happy and grateful to be at this point. We’re realistic about the length of time it will likely take Lisa to fully recover. We adhere to county and state recommendations, and keep abreast of breaking health information from credible experts. We are doubling down on loving each other and our families and friends, as well as sending love out into the world. In the end, it’s what we have.

I began this series to document our daily experience in quarantine after my wife Lisa tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. With our total release, it’s time to bring COVID CHRONICLES — DAILY EDITION to a close. I plan to add some background over the next week, then leave it as a stand-alone series.

This has been a unique opportunity to develop a daily writing practice. I’ve been gratified by the response. For all the love, support and good wishes for both Lisa and I, something that has touched us both immensely. For people telling me my writing mattered to them. For those who reached out with questions they were wrestling with and allowed me to share to help inform others. To those who provided resources I could use and share. And for every single person who took the time to read at least one of my posts, and especially to those who read each one. You have all filled me in ways I can’t express.

While there will no longer of daily editions of the COVID CHRONICLES, fear not! There will be future editions as information evolves and Lisa continues her recovery. This pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon.

Starting this week, I plan to post five times a week Sunday through Friday. I hope you will continue to follow along and recommend my writing to your friends, even if a particular day doesn’t speak to you. Questions, comments and suggestions for topics always welcome.

To kick things off in the “new world,” tomorrow will be something completely different, a project with my sons. We’ve had a lot of fun preparing it. I hope you’ll give it a look.

To close, I enjoy sharing music that represents my mood. Here’s a final one for this series. All I need now is for the swimming pools and beaches to open!

Stay healthy and safe, my friends.



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Wynn Hausser

Wynn Hausser

Professional Communicator, Change Agent & Nonprofit Specialist. “COVID CHRONICLES” documents life under pandemic. Also write on sports, politics and life.