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Ten Influential Albums 1959 to 1973

They only way we used to listen to recorded music.
Peter, Paul and Mary — “Peter, Paul and Mary” album cover

#1. Peter, Paul and Mary — Peter, Paul and Mary — 1961.

Simon and Garfunkel “Sounds of Silence” album cover

#2. Sounds of Silence — Simon and Garfunkel — 1969

“Jesus Christ Superstar “original album cover

#3. Jesus Christ, Superstar — 1970.

Beatles “Let It Be” album cover

#4. Let It Be — The Beatles — 1970

Neil Young “Harvest” album cover

#5. Harvest — Neil Young — 1971

The Who “Tommy” original album cover

#6. Tommy — The Who — 1972

Derek and the Dominos “Layla and other love songs” album cover

#7. Layla and other love songs — Derek and the Dominos — 1970 (heard in ’73)

Led Zeppelin “Houses of the Holy” album cover

#8. Houses of the Holy — Led Zeppelin — 1973

Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” album cover

#9. Dark Side of the Moon — Pink Floyd — 1973

Yes “Yessongs” album cover

#10. Yessongs — Yes — 1973

Album cover art by Roger Dean
Album interior art by Roger Dean

Honorable Mention

That was FUN! Those are my choices. What’s on your list?

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