Mental Health in the Pandemic

I will post Part 3 of my series on mental health next week. In the meantime, there’s something happening now that you should pay attention to if you care about youth and mental health.

MAY 27, 28, 29–2020

Stronger Than You Think is an unprecedented three-day livestream featuring over 60 A-list celebrities and athletes, leading brain health experts, and powerful youth who are raising their voices to speak out about mental health in the midst of the global pandemic.

This event is a program sponsored by One Mind and the Crisis Text Line. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is a charitable partner.

Lineup and link to May 29 live stream to come.

Here’s the lineup and link to the live stream of the May 28 session.

Here’s the lineup and link to a recording of the May 27 session.

Please help spread the word!



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Wynn Hausser

Professional Communicator, Change Agent & Nonprofit Specialist. “COVID CHRONICLES” documents life under pandemic. Also write on sports, politics and life.