Well, the picks are in! And we’re pretty happy with the job done by the Niners’ and Bills front offices. In our mock draft, we saw through the Lynch/Shanahan smokescreen and, even though the Forty Niners chose Trey Lance over our pick Justin Fields, we agree it’s a home run pick. And we have plenty of opinions about the rest of their picks.

Meanwhile, we NAILED the Bills first round pick at #30, Gregory Rousseau, and continue to be impressed with the consistent philosophy with which Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott approach the draft. Of course, we don’t agree with everything

We also share our thoughts on the main stories that emerged over the draft’s three days, and our picks for winners and losers.

It’s a lively hour-long discussion we hope you’ll enjoy.

The Hausser Guys review NFL Draft 2021



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